Guitar Heaven

Music for the COVID era- some of the greatest guitarist in action (in random order)…speechless!! A lesson in dedication to their art.

BB King, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeshi

BB King- Thrill is Gone

Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)- Solo

Don’t Lie to Me- Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughn

Stevie Ray Vaughn-Crossfire- Solo

Mark Knopfler- Solo

Gary Moore

BB King, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, Jimmi Vaughn- Thrill is Gone

Eric Clapton- Crossroads

Keith Richards- Rolling Stones

Jeff Beck w/ Tal Wilkenfield

Chuck Berry and Bruce Springsteen

John Mayer

Carlos Santana

Jimi Hendrix- Solo

David Gilmour- Pink Floyd: Comfortably Numb

Felder and Walsh- Hotel Califronia

Lynard Skynard- Freebird

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