The Humble T-shirt: The Remarkable Story of Human Interdependence

December 2013, National Public Radio’s Planet Money decides to track the story behind their New Years tee-shirt. They track the remarkable story of the making of the t-shirt from the cotton being picked from the farms in the Mississippi delta to the yarn factory in Indonesia to the making of the mens t-shirt in Bangladesh and the mens t-shirt in Columbia before making it to the shelf in the United States.

Here is the remarkable story about the t-shirt you wear and how it was touched by countless people along the way

The head of the spinning operation in the yarn factory says “When I see people just picking up a T-shirt and putting it back on the shelf in a store.” “I say, ‘Hey, man. We worked very hard to make the yarn which has made that T-shirt. Give it some respect.’ ” His workers created the 6 miles of yarn in a single t-shirt.

He is right…Give it some respect

Part 1- Cotton picking

Part 2- Spinning the Yarn


Part 3- The people who made these t-shirts


Part 4-Transporting t-shirts back home


Part 5-


Will we feel guilty next time when we discard a t-shirt: a labor of love….

Audio versions:

More on the Cotton Story:

Indonesia: The Yarn making

Bangladesh: Impacting lives

Bangladesh: the men’s t-shirt

Columbia:the women t-shirt

Container transport:

The Giant book which destroys industries

The Afterlife of your discarded t-shirt

Issues with work, trade, and clothes


To read more about this, go to…


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