Stories Move The Human Spirit

Stories are what moves humans!

Despite humans starting to exhibit behavioral modernity since 50,000 years, our written history only dates back to six thousand years. For centuries before writing became commonplace, humans sat down around a fire pit and narrated and exchanged stories. Stories which were passed on from one generation to another and then another. Humans relate more to stories than to numbers, statistics or a body of facts.

As I traverse the middle age years, one starts to look back and reflect upon the passage of time. We introspect on the good and the bad times and think about the path taken and those not taken and reflect on the lessons learnt along the way. There is a yearning to put a small mark on the sifting sands of time.

As Gurdjeiff once said ‘..the quintessence of an idea can sometimes be very well transmitted to others by means certain anecdotes and proverbs formed by life.’ This blog comes out of this very Janusian urge to share in the form of stories reflections from the past while still looking forward as we look for meaning in our existence.






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